The Anti-Risk Management Checklist

Actually, this post on HBR provides the Anti-Creativity Checklist, but the carry-over to risk management is just too easy to see. As you consider the project culture in your organization, how is risk viewed? Is it a "four-letter word", so to speak--a topic that is shunned? I cover this in our Free Project Management Videos series... Continue Reading →

A Year-End Coaching Question

"It's been a terrible year!" "It's been a great year!" I've heard both from friends and colleagues as I've asked them about this past year. But the coaching question I have for you is this: What are you going to do to make the year ahead a great one? Here are some questions I'm asking... Continue Reading →

Favorite Tool of the Year?

When you look back over this last year, what are some of your favorite technologies or tools that you started using? They could be new this year or just new to you. It could be they saved you time or just added some fun. What comes to mind? Here are some of mine: Scanning a... Continue Reading →

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