The Anti-Risk Management Checklist

Actually, this post on HBR provides the Anti-Creativity Checklist, but the carry-over to risk management is just too easy to see.

As you consider the project culture in your organization, how is risk viewed? Is it a “four-letter word”, so to speak–a topic that is shunned? I cover this in our Free Project Management Videos series as well as our project management workshops and keynotes on the topic.

Though it’s easy to dismiss Youngme Moon’s list on HBR, an honest consideration is likely to come closer to home than most of us would like to think. Make this the year that you and your project teams learn to manage risk more responsibly–not avoiding it at all cost–but managing it well.

For practical insights on how to manage risks on projects, check out our e-learning offering What You Need to Know About Risk Management.

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