Favorite Tool of the Year?

When you look back over this last year, what are some of your favorite technologies or tools that you started using?

They could be new this year or just new to you. It could be they saved you time or just added some fun. What comes to mind? Here are some of mine:

  • Scanning a check instead of driving to the ATM. Our credit union added the DepositAnywhere feature this year, allowing a simple scan (or pic from an iPhone) to replace driving to an ATM. Not only does the geek in me enjoy the simplicity, it saves the time of driving and allows me to make deposits of business checks more quickly.
  • DSLR’s for video. My sons and I enjoy video technology. When deciding on our next camera purchase, we decided to go with Canon’s T2i DSLR and love the results. For the price, it takes great video. We used it to film the overview of my new “Dirty Little Secret of Business” e-learning offering. We plan to make our first real movie next year, and plan to film it using only DSLR technology.
  • Nanacast.  I started using Nanacast this year to support the infrastructure and selling of my premium subscription for the People and Projects Podcast. It’s not necessarily the easiest tool to get up-to-speed with, but it is incredibly flexible. For anyone selling products or services online with support for affiliate programs, upsells, etc., give Nanacast serious consideration.
  • Stickk.com.  If you want to achieve a goal in the coming year, make sure to check out StickK.com. I interviewed the CEO of StickK.com for last New Year’s podcast episode and decided to use the site to lose some weight. It helped me hit the goal and then some. But even better, the site helped me keep the weight off. During the year I’ve used StickK.com to motivate me to achieve many goals. Make sure to check them out!
  • RSS feeds in Outlook.  Prior to this year I didn’t have a reliable system for consolidating the RSS feeds of blogs and podcasts that I wanted to follow. This year I started using the feature within Outlook and find it saves me time to stay more up-to-date with the sites that are important for me to follow.

So, what about you? Whether it was new or just new to you this year, what are some tools you started using that are worth a shout-out? Leave a comment to let us know!

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