Take Back Your Lunch!

“Invite that person in Marketing to lunch? What are you talking about, Andy! I don’t even take a lunch!”

I’ve had that conversation with many executive coaching clients. As we talk about the importance of developing relationships (the essence of our keynote entitled “The Dirty Little Secret of Business”), I often recommend using lunch as a time to connect with people they don’t necessarily see on a regular basis.

You’d think I was asking them to climb Mt. Everest! “Who has time for lunch these days?”

This morning I interviewed Tony Schwartz, author of The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working for my project management podcast entitled The People and Projects Podcast. I look foward to publishing the interview in a couple months.

But in the meantime, Tony’s organization is sponsoring an initiative that I love! It’s called Take Back Your Lunch! It’s a simple idea: you may think you don’t have time, but by doing so, you re-energize yourself to have a more productive afternoon.

As Tony and I discussed in the interview, it’s not about how many hours our people work. It’s how productive they are in delivering sustainable results. There’s so much opportunity for leaders to model this ourselves, to re-energize ourselves and thereby show it’s important to our teams. Instead of counting hours, let’s count the number of lunches our teams take!

Check the site out! Here’s to an energized day for you!

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