What These Leaders Learned Last Year

As we start up another year, I have a question for you: What did you learn last year? I tend to get some common responses to that question. Most often it’s a tilt of the head and a thoughtful, “Hmm…..” The second reaction is a vague response along the lines of, “Um, well, I learned... Continue Reading →

StickK works!

Am I so cheap that the only way I can stick to a goal is to put money on it? I have to wonder. At the end of last year I interviewed Jordan Goldberg, CEO of StickK.com. I resolved to lose around six pounds or so using their system, and lost 25.  I used StickK... Continue Reading →

Take Back Your Lunch!

"Invite that person in Marketing to lunch? What are you talking about, Andy! I don't even take a lunch!" I've had that conversation with many executive coaching clients. As we talk about the importance of developing relationships (the essence of our keynote entitled "The Dirty Little Secret of Business"), I often recommend using lunch as... Continue Reading →

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