A Year-End Coaching Question

"It's been a terrible year!" "It's been a great year!" I've heard both from friends and colleagues as I've asked them about this past year. But the coaching question I have for you is this: What are you going to do to make the year ahead a great one? Here are some questions I'm asking... Continue Reading →

Those Entitled Millenials

Do you have a younger person on your team (or maybe even a boss) that, given the right day, can drive you crazy? They seem entitled. Perhaps flighty or scattered? Maybe even unprofessional at times? Millenials (typically considered those born after 1980) are easy to bash. But Nancy Lublin provides a helpful perspective in a... Continue Reading →

What a Coaching Client Wanted

I was recently reviewing some pre-work from a new executive coaching client prior to our first meeting. One of the questions in the pre-work is "What are your expectations of me as a coach?" His response: "Sounding bored." Now of course we all realize he meant "sounding board"--he's looking for someone to bounce ideas off... Continue Reading →

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