Those Entitled Millenials

Managing MillenialsDo you have a younger person on your team (or maybe even a boss) that, given the right day, can drive you crazy? They seem entitled. Perhaps flighty or scattered? Maybe even unprofessional at times?

Millenials (typically considered those born after 1980) are easy to bash. But Nancy Lublin provides a helpful perspective in a recent piece for FastCompany that I recommend you check out if you can relate to my opening questions.

Bruce Tulgan is my favorite expert on generational issues in the workplace. Check out my project management podcast interview with Bruce about his book Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage Generation Y for more insights on managing (or working for) people who are younger than you.

My bottom-line: you may lead a team but you ultimately manage individuals. To lead effectively, you need to know each person uniquely: their strengths, tendencies, passions, dislikes, hot buttons, influence points, etc. If you feel like you’re having trouble getting through to someone, don’t necessarily assume they are the problem. It could be you need to modify your style. Or it could be you need to look at them differently (as Nancy effectively suggests in her article).

I honestly believe that every generation has looked at their younger counterparts as problems. Learn to effectively manage across the generations and magnify your opportunities for success and influence.

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