Why Social Networking Matters

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  1. Throughout my life I tried to be very sociable with whoever I met or worked with.

    When I was quite young I played softball on a Washington team. We played teams from various towns, especially Morton.

    I got pretty well acquainted with a player from Morton named Bruce.

    My working career at Caterpillar Inc was interrupted by my serving in the 9th Army Headquarters in Europe in WWII.

    After I returned from the war, I went back to Caterpillar Inc on my old job of pulling a handtruck in the Parts Department. I finally got to be a timekeeper on a machine line, which was not too bad, but I thought I could still better myself with more education, as I did not go to college.

    Even though we had three children at the time, I enrolled in a 100 lesson correspondence course in accounting.

    After getting my accounting degree, I told my foreman about it and he told the people up the ladder of authority.

    One day I was told to go into the Accounting Office and see a certain Department Head about a job that had opened up.

    As I talked to the Department Head, he said just a minute and I will call in the supervisor who needs the person and you two can then discuss the job.

    To my amazement, in walked Bruce and he asked me to come out to his desk. We talked a few minutes and he told me I had the job.

    To this day, I say Bruce gave me the chance to get me as far as I did in my career.

    I still think getting to know him from playing softball gave me the opportunity.

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