Do We Really Need Another Social Network? PPMNG!

So, I totally get that the last thing most of us need is yet another social network. It could be you’ve yet to jump into the fray and try one out. Perhaps you think they’re a waste of time.

Or it could be you’re in so many social networks that it feels like a burden to you. For the last year I’ve been focusing primarily on LinkedIn and Facebook. Without discipline any use of social networking can get out of hand.

“So add another one?”

If you’re in a position or career track related to project management, I’m recommending “Yes.”

Thanks to how easy (maybe too easy) it is to create a social network using the NING platform, there’s a new network called the Professional Project Managers Networking Group (PPMNG). You can find it at

I’ve created two groups on PPMNG that I invite you to join: The People Side of Project Management and Certification Prep.

Next week I’ll have a newsletter out that will talk about the pro’s and con’s of engaging in social networks. For now, I wanted to get the word out in case you haven’t heard about PPMNG.

I’d tell you more but I have to get back to Twitter, or Facebook, or…… 🙂

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