Who Are You Online?

I appreciated Alexandra Samuel’s recent HBR post entitled “Social Media 2011: Six Choices You Need to Make”. She reinforces the importance of asking some very key questions that can determine “both the quality of your life online and of your relationships offline.” I commend her questions to your consideration.

Do you have a strategy for who you are online? I’ve looked at enough Facebook wall posts, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn profiles to know that there’s an opportunity for many of us to be more intentional. Our new Dirty Little Secret of Business e-learning helps you stop winging it online and put together a strategy that can work for you.

Through January 15, 2011, you can get an introductory discount by using the coupon code: DIRTY-SECRET. Get insightful tips through this e-learning system for only $49 (instead of $97). Click here for details.

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