Why Your Project Will Fail (or Succeed)

“I always hit my dates and budgets…” Please. My company helps people learn how to improve their ability to deliver projects and lead teams. If we’re facilitating a multi-day workshop, we often have a round of introductions, which helps build some initial context and rapport. Occasionally someone introducing themselves will say something to the effect of... Continue Reading →

Two Questions Every Leader Should Ask

In my interview with Keith Murnighan about his book Do Nothing!  How to Stop Overmanaging and Become a Great Leader, he mentioned two questions a CEO should ask people every day: "How are you?"  This may seem rather obvious. However, the more responsibility we get, the easier it is to start thinking of people as... Continue Reading →

Buzzword Bingo and Acronymitis

Ever hear of Buzzword Bingo? I used to work with a guy named Bob. If there was a buzzword in our industry, Bob could drop it into a sentence like nobody's business. What's the latest way to say something? Bob would know. During conference calls when Bob was on the other line, we would occasionally... Continue Reading →

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