What I "Can" Do

There are times when saying ‘No’ seems like a career-limiting move. Yet a clear personal productivity principle is learning to say ‘No’.

Easier said than done.

I often cover this topic in our project management and leadership development workshops. Here’s a link to my article “How to Say ‘No’ (Without Saying ‘No’)” that provides some helpful advice.

In addition, here’s a piece from Rachel Zupek for your consideration as well. I like her focus on “What I can do…” as well as the coaching on watching your body language and vocal tone.

Clearly there are times when “No” needs to be the answer (for example, when asked to do something illegal, unethical, or against your value system). Yet some people err on the side of over-using “No” when there may be better ways to finesse the same result.

Ultimately, we need to be known as people who deliver–who make things happen. That will often happen by saying “Yes” to opportunities. But when “No” is really the best answer, it’s helpful to be armed with techniques that can help you influence a “No” without always using the letters N-O!

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