The Best Way to Use the Last Five Minutes of Your Day

I went on a video shoot with my 16 year old son this afternoon. He has an interest in video production and filmmaking for a living some day so instead of wondering about what university to go to or classes to take, we’ve been hitting the pavement and developing videos for local companies. It’s been a fun experience, and today was no exception.

As we drove away from today’s shoot, I asked him, “So, what went well? What should we do differently next time?”

The truth is, today’s shoot went great! The equipment checklist that he has been working on helped make sure we didn’t leave anything signficantly important at home. And the list of questions were very helpful for the interviews with customers. But we did come across a couple ideas on what to do differently. For example, we were once again reminded that an extra extension cord would have been helpful. It’s now on his equipment list.

Asking these questions reminded me of one of my favorite HBR bloggers: Peter Bregman. In this article he expands on the value of asking questions like these at the end of the day. We think of post-mortems or lessons learned for projects. But why not after a meeting? Or as we wind down a day at work?

Enjoy the article. Then let me know, “What did you like?” 🙂

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