StickK works!

Am I so cheap that the only way I can stick to a goal is to put money on it? I have to wonder. At the end of last year I interviewed Jordan Goldberg, CEO of I resolved to lose around six pounds or so using their system, and lost 25.  I used StickK... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Differences

I'm struck by the contrast. I'm going through Dale Carnegie's classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People again. This morning I was reading Carnegie's advice regarding arguments. Bottom-line: you can't win them. If you lose the argument, you lose. If you win the argument, you lose because the other person walks away defeated and... Continue Reading →

The Great Aim of Education

It's not that I dislike theory. It has its place. But one of the most consistent pieces of feedback we get on our project management workshops and leadership development sessions is that they are practical. People can walk out and put the learning to use. I'm once again going through Dale Carnegie's classic book How... Continue Reading →

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