StickK works!

Am I so cheap that the only way I can stick to a goal is to put money on it? I have to wonder. At the end of last year I interviewed Jordan Goldberg, CEO of I resolved to lose around six pounds or so using their system, and lost 25.  I used StickK... Continue Reading →

GPA + .333

There's a new way to beef up a resume! Raise your grade point average!  Indeed, a growing number of schools are helping their graduates look better to the job market by indiscriminately upping GPA's by a fixed amount (or by getting rid of the grading system altogether). Click here for the story. Lessons for leaders:... Continue Reading →

"Punish Inaction"

I've become a major fan of Dev Patnaik's book Wired to Care: How Companies Prosper When They Create Widespread Empathy I'm looking forward to interviewing Dev tomorrow for an upcoming People and Projects Podcast episode.Don't wait for the interview--get the book now and start reading.While prepping for the interview I came across what I expect... Continue Reading →

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