An Experiment That Can Significantly Improve Your Performance


Today could be just another day for you. Or it could be one of your best.

The next meeting you lead could be just another gathering of the same people. Or, it could be one of the best you’ve ever led.

I’ve been running an experiment lately. I’m challenging myself to approach every interaction and experience with the goal of achieving a personal best. For example, before I get to the venue for a keynote or workshop, I’m asking myself, “What would it take for this to be the best keynote I’ve ever delivered?”

Athletes are constantly striving to beat their personal best. And in many ways, it’s easier for a runner or swimmer to know if they achieved it because there’s a timer to prove it. Our success as project managers and leaders may not be so easily measured.

But what if we aspired for it nonetheless?

The Problem

It’s so easy to get into a rut. We can coast toward complacency. Though we may not acknowledge our creeping comfort with status quo, we subtly, slowly,