How to Say "No" (Without Saying "No")

So, how do you say "No" when doing so feels like it could be, say, a career limiting move? Advice abounds, often over-simplifying the stakes by not taking into account the complexities of saying "No" to someone like a boss or by not giving specific enough strategies.In a recent newsletter article I give some practical... Continue Reading →

Career Advice from the Top

Part of our leadership development approach is to give participants an opportunity to interact with top level executives. We have found enormous value in getting aspiring leaders face-to-face with people who are sitting in the chair and to learn from their successes and mistakes.A recent CIO Magazine article shares some career lessons from top IT... Continue Reading →

What Shamu Can Teach You About Your Boss

One of the dirty little secrets of managing is that, over time, you'll do more managing up and out than down. But that's easier said than done. What are some important lessons learned about managing up?I recommend Dan and Chip Heath's article in FastCompany entitled, "Your Boss is a Monkey". They take lessons from Amy... Continue Reading →

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